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13 July 2015
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How can I be sure

My husband and I have been a couple for over 20 years. This month we will celebrate our 19th wedding anniversary. 19….yikes!!!! How could this be possible when I’m only 25 years old? We have family members as well as friends who ask…How do you manage marriage for so many years and you guys continue to smile and genuinely seem happy to be together? Our answer is always the same…….we are happy to be together!!! Mutual respect, trust for one another as well as positive communication goes a long way. The response is usually “that is easier said than done.” Yes, sometimes this is true…I will be the first to admit that marriage is hard work. Usually, not as hard when you find “Mr. or Mrs. Right” and don’t settle for “Mr. or Mrs. Right Now.” My husband and I were friends before we entered into our relationship. We have spent the majority of our adult lives together. The respect and trust were there from the beginning and has grown…….The communication, on the other hand is a work in progress!!! There may be something to Men are From Mars and Women are from Venus. However, we both still agree that we are worth the work!!! And I would not change a thing…..it has made us who we are today and we have two beautiful kiddos from our union. And, yes I would absolutely do it all over again!!!

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Thenessa, an LPC-Intern, is a graduate of the Masters of Arts in Professional Counseling program at Amberton University under the supervision of Megan R. Lee, LPC-S. Thenessa earned her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with a minor in Biology from East Texas Baptist University in Marshall, Texas.

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