Helping Hand or A Hindrance!!!!

Is Mommy Invisable

In one of my current jobs……….due to the high volume of clientele and veteran clients…… I have began to ponder is a “helping hand” really a helping hand or is it a hindrance? In this particular line of work, we assist several individuals as well as families sometimes in a financial capacity. In general, these are low income families who are in need of assistance.  I have found in a very short period of time, that more times than not, when the financial assistance begans… appears that their motivation to better their own current situation diminishes.  Don’t get me wrong….this is certainly not the situation in every case. Luckily, not everyone falls into this never ending cycle.  I have found that it is a rarity however, to find the client who has truly fallen on hard times and just needs a little assistance to help them get back on their feet. These clients will utilize the program better their current situation and move on. They may even try to find ways to give back. Unfortunately, enough clients realize what the program can offer and in my opinion abuse this assistance.  This is why I ponder if we are in fact truly helping or hindering progress?  People learn of this program and become stagnant in in improving their own lives. They become content with getting by….again in my opinion this is not beneficial to the clients. We all may fall and need help from time to time…it is what you doing during these times and after that give me pause.  This program appears to be a never ending cycle for most… what happens when funding runs out?  What happens when clients are flooded with financial accountability? There has to be a  better way. A way to not only assist but educate as well. What do you think?



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