29 September 2015
Self Improvement
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My husband and I were both very active in sports of some sort during high school and college. We are firm believers that healthy competition is good for you.   We encourage our kids to do their very best and if it is something they want to excel at….give 150%. Being competitive helps set the bar and can be a gauge for your progression.  The down…. side it can be damaging if abused. Both of our kids are active in sports. Our son plays tennis for his school and via the USTA. Our daughter does gymnastics via USGA.  I have noticed that my style of encouragement and motivation is a bit different from my husbands. His style also seems to vary from child to child. For example, my son could play a match and win but not quite play up to his full potential……my conversation would point out the things he did well and what he could do better the next match.  My husband goes straight for the jugular…..no sugar coating. His thought process…….our son already knows what he did well….he needs to work on the errors.   When it comes to our daughter…my husband and I seem to share the same method.

What do you think?

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Thenessa, an LPC-Intern, is a graduate of the Masters of Arts in Professional Counseling program at Amberton University under the supervision of Megan R. Lee, LPC-S. Thenessa earned her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with a minor in Biology from East Texas Baptist University in Marshall, Texas.

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One response on “Healthy Competition!!!

  1. Veronica Swink says:

    It is always important to encourage children but I do believe in balance. There are some standards or ideals in parenting and then I think you have to be adaptable and flexible depending on what works well for your child. Some children are fueled by encouragement and others by wanting to do/be better. Some kids can tolerate constructive criticism; while others crumble and internalize the criticism. Know your child and be balanced.

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