Going Green!!!

Saint Patrick’s Day is quickly approaching and I thought what better time (week) to incorporate some extra going green initiatives.  Every March 17th we wear our green clothing…….mostly because no one wants to be pinched (they always seem to hurt a tad bit more on this day!), but do you know why you are wearing green clothing? Saint Patrick’s Day is a day to honor a foremost patron of Ireland Saint Patrick. Now history reports that Saint Patrick was not born Irish but circumstances beyond his control brought him to Ireland…….a.k.a. slavery.  As the story goes he was captured as a child and sold into slavery and was a slave for many years in Ireland.  After giving his life to God he began to work to help the Irish community.  In honor of his efforts we celebrate the Irish culture on March 17th. Now this does not simply mean wearing green attire……there are many parades, festivals, dancing and we cannot forget the food…….(I am not of fan of corned beef or bangers but I can indulge in shepherd’s pie and Irish cream cake….yum). So my idea for this week is to incorporate additional going green efforts…….since we will be wearing green, eating and drinking green………why not boost our saving the world efforts while we enjoy the festivities? If you are not already recycling this might be a bigger stretch for you.  Instead of throwing the plastic container with food rem-lets……simply clean it out and place it in a recycle bin. Or you could gather up your old magazines…..you know the ones from 5 years ago that are sitting around collecting dust. You do not have to limit your recycling efforts….the sky’s the limit. Figure out a way to make a change and do it.  There are many small things we can do to make a big difference. Enjoy the holiday, eat, drink and be merry but lets also makes sure that the next generation will have the same opportunities!!!

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day

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