First Love



Last year around this time I attended a seminar, “The Forgotten First Love,” by Heather Lindsey.  She spoke about how we often forget that when we accept God as our Lord and Savior, we said a spiritual “I do!”  She reminded us that our first love (whether we are married or not) is to Jesus Christ.  We often forget our first love because we thirst for an earthly love.  And, of course, nothing is wrong with that because God is love, and He created love and our desire to have love and companionship.  She reminded the single ladies that the waiting time is preparation for becoming ready for our earthly soul mate.  In this waiting season, if we are not able to fully commit to God, then we will do the same with our earthly soul mate.  We will only give our earthly soul mate part of our day, heart, and time because we haven’t learned to surrender to our first love, God.

Remember, Someone is very much in love with you.  Take heart that He has not forgotten about you even if you forget about Him!!


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  1. Amen! Very well said! This also applies for married couples. Our relationship with Christ comes first. I have recognized when I do put Christ first I am a much better spouse, mother, daughter, sister, and friend.

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