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Important message regarding Coronavirus

Hello Family!

To support you during the pandemic we will continue to provide counseling services via video.  After anticipating a return to face to face sessions we learned that infection has doubled in Tarrant County.  In our dedication to maintain safety for our clients, our clinicians and the loved ones connected to them, we have decided to postpone our return to face-to-face sessions.

To make access to services as convenient as possible we have services starting at $25 per session, we accept some insurance and EAP with providers available seven days a week.  We have also provided an option to complete a free 10-minute consultation.  Our counselors are in the process of creating online groups and other informative ways to support you during this time.

Please don’t hesitate to call the office at 817-969-5114 if you have any questions.  Appointments can be scheduled online at www.ffctexas.com.  Please avoid sending any detailed information via Facebook or other social media platform messenger as your personal information will not be secure.

Telehealth options will continue to be available to some clients dependent upon their access to our online platform, and the insurance or EAP benefits available to them.

Free 10 minute video consultations are now being offered to help decrease anxiety and hesitation to temporarily use telehealth to meet your relationship and mental health needs.

Megan R. Pickens, LPC-S
CEO & Founder


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