Feminist Theory



Feminist Theory

Feminist Theory


Could the Feminist Theory belief be one to blame for the make of today’s family dynamics?

Feminist therapy was inspired during the Women’s Movement of the 1960’s. Its main focus was on empowering women and helping them discover how to break the stereotypes and molds of some traditional roles that women play that may be blocking their development and growth. The main goal of feminist therapy is not just to change the individual’s situation or mindset, but also to form a revolution that changes the way society views gender issues.

Many feel that it was this theory that destroyed the traditional family. Leaving many families as single family homes. So much… that single-parent families can no longer be viewed as nontraditional families. The U.S. Census Bureau reported that about 30 percent of American families are headed by only one parent.

It has been found through varied research that children in single-parent homes generally fare worse than those homes with two parents. There are also signs that children in these homes may have problems with depression, emotional stress, and difficulties in school. It has been found that adolescents from single-parent families were found to be three times more likely to be depressed than those living with two parents. Single parent homes are also associated with criminal activity in the U.S.A. Problems found in the single-parent household may not be because of the parent who raised these children, but can be linked to other things that are also related to single parenting. It has been pointed out that when there is only one parent, the family is often less well off financially and this is the main reason for so many family problems.

Tamika Lockett

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  1. Very thought provoking post. I was raised by a feminist, who was educated on the theory. I was raised in a single-parent mother-headed home. She was a strong role model for how to fight for equality in the work force. She taught me how to value myself and how important a good education is in order to not be dependent upon a man to take care of me. I did suffer due to not having my father around while I was growing up but if they would have stayed together there would have been hardship there as well. The solution would have been for both my parents to have had access to and sought counseling separately for the wounds from their childhood and also had marital counseling. Back then accessing counseling stigmatized people and was very costly. So they had no real opportunity to access counseling services. They did the best the could with what they had. I think feminist theory is not the “bad guy” per say, it was created out of a patriarchal society that swung too far in the wrong direction and treated women more as property than as people with human rights. The feminist movement and theory was born from this. The problem then became that the feminist movement swung too far in the opposite direction and inadvertently devalued the two-parent family and men in general. The reaction can be seen even in sitcoms where the dad is portrayed as the dope that can’t do the simplest of tasks without his wife helping him. I believe our society in some respects is starting to adjust all of this back to center line where both men and women are valued; where a mother and a father’s influence on their children is equally sought and valued. My hope is that more couples will fight to keep their marriage strong not only for their health (studies show happily married people are healthier) but so that their children have the benefit of two full time parents in one home sharing their lives.

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