Family Traditions

Before my husband and I got married we attended pre-marital counseling with the pastor who would marry us. One of the things that he really recommended we do is create our own traditions. Yes, it is important to spend time with my family and my husband’s family, but it is even more important that we begin to strengthen our own family by creating special time for us. He said that spending time as a family and creating our own traditions will build a strong foundation for our future. Not only during the holidays but also all year long! It is so important for families to carve out quality time for each other, whether it is just you and your spouse or you, your spouse, and your children. Right now my husband and I don’t have children but we make it a point to have dinner together at the table as much as we can and we also make it a point to have date nights. When we have children those traditions will evolve. We also believe that one of the most beautiful and intimate thing to do together is pray. That is such a wonderful tradition to have and I look forward to sharing that with my children one day. Do you and your family have any holiday traditions? Or traditions that you practice year round? For those of you with children, what traditions have you created to enrich their lives? Even if your family currently does not have any specific traditions right now, it isn’t to late to start some new ones this year!

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  1. One of my kids’ favorite christmas traditions is a book that starts on Dec 1 and goes through Dec 24. Each day has a christmas song, scripture, and story about christmas. Even though my oldest is 13, she still loves it.

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