Faith Out The Window


A small boy was on a bus on his way home from Sunday school. The day was warm. The windows were open. The boy had received a motto on a card, “Have Faith in God.” As the wind swept through the bus, his card went flying out the window. He shouted, “Stop the Bus! My faith in God just went out the window.” — Faith That Works by Morris L. Venden

When the winds blow and knocks over your life, and the rain comes pouring down in your marriage, and the lightning strikes with a coworker, does your faith in God blow out the window?  Someone once told me that crises and difficulties in life means you are in character college, earning your degree in Faith.  Crises in life can be challenging and discouraging, a time when our faith can be shaken.  Don’t let your faith go out the window.  Talk to God about your despair and surround yourself with people who will encourage you in your faith walk.

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