Exercising Your Right to Vote!!!

Craziness is in the air……it could only mean one thing, election year is upon us! I have a had a few conversations with younger generations as well as a few with older generations and I was somewhat surprised with my findings. On average most of the younger generation did not know all the candidates running for president. Sure they knew the names of the current leaders but no information about their platform. As for the older generation, a few suggested that they had done their part and now it is time for the younger generation to stand up and do their part. I find both of these stances concerning and problematic for me because then I, a person who exercises her right to vote, maybe be stuck with an undesirable for four or more years.  My son, who is of the younger generation (of course) is over the moon about the idea of casting his vote. This year will be the first year he is able to do so.  No, we did not tell him who to vote for….thought about it but didn’t. His dad and I told him to pay attention to what that candidates are saying they can do to better America and his current situation. We also told him to read between the lines…….anyone can make a lie sound good! Two ladies from the older generation basically said they had done their part to bring about change and now we younger generations can have it. What the what!!!! Growing up, my family, (some who lived thru it) informed me of the struggle and what African Americans had to endure so that we may share in the same equality’s and exercise our right to vote. I do not take lightly, the blood that was shed so that I  may have the right to vote. The only way to aid in getting your candidate of preference elected is to vote. Choosing not to vote is your right as well….but if you choose not to vote….then do not complain!!!!

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  1. You are so right, Thenessa. Voting is so important not only for oneself but also for the generation to come. I have also been asking some of my friends if they have registered to go vote and the answer I get from them is NO because they are so far away from their hometown or city. Voting is important because it is a way for a citizen to participate and decide which individual you want to rule over the nation. God has given us the liberty to choose our governors or presidents who will rule over our nation with godly values. The person who we vote for has the power to impact our nation’s present and future

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