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4 June 2015
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Is there an elephant in your relationship?  You’ve noticed an agonizing difference between the two of you that is the size of an elephant!  Maybe you know what the elephant is but you don’t know how to fix it.  Perhaps you don’t know what the elephant is but you want to fix it.  The elephant can become bigger and bigger if not addressed, creating more and more distance between you and your love.  No matter what color your elephant is – sex, infidelity, children, intimacy, communication, trust, finances – we can help you kick out the elephant in your relationship.  Come see us!

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2 responses on “The Elephant in Your Relationship

  1. Great symbolism!! I appreciate your words — you are right that we need to confront what we believe is hiding, yet obvious! Thanks for the reminder to share what’s on our mind with our spouse in order to grow together instead of apart.

  2. Vernesa Perry says:

    Veronica, you are absolutely right! The circumstance will always get worse if it is not addressed and it will cause other issues as well to come up.

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