Dreams Left Behind

Forgive Yourself

Part 3 in the series on understanding procrastination.  Part of the process of ending procrastination is gaining understanding in the reasons why we put things off.  Fear of failure and fear of rejection (closed doors) can be powerful players in the realm of putting things off.  Knowing and accepting that failure and imperfection is part of life and part of the process of reaching our goals is key to persevering.

1 thought on “Dreams Left Behind

  1. Great article LeAnn! I used to procrastinate when I was in all areas of my life. I would wait up into the last minuet to complete my work assignments, cooking, cleaning the house etc. I notice that up until recently I still would have the same motto “Why do it now when I can do it later”. I have learn that if I continue to wait until the last minuet, I would only be giving 50% of what I was capable of. Now when ever I have something to do, I get it done sooner then later. I noticed when I would turn in work assignments, my supervisor noticed that my writing and thought process was sharping up. I had more time to cook meals for my family that didn’t look or taste like it was thrown together, but that it was made with love. I also learned to keep my house tidy so it would not take hours to clean. This is due to me getting things done without procrastinating.

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