Domestic violence

Domestic violence Domestic violence can be identified a pattern of behavior in any relationship that is utilized to maintain or obtain authority and power over an individual. Domestic abuse can be sexual, physical, psychological, emotional, financial, threats or actions of actions that influence another individual. Like any other situation in life, domestic abuse has stages. The stages tell how and why victims continue to be with their abuser and live in the same house with them. Victims might experience physical harm such as broken bones or bruises. They might experience hopelessness, nervousness or social seclusion.

The Tension-Building Stage

This is the initial stage; the abuser gets mad with ease. Frequently abusers vocally hassle their significant other throughout this stage. It may look as if the abuser is starting a fight with their partner. Arguments may become uncontrollable. The abuser might segregate their partner from family and friends. The victim starts to feel that something will occur but does not know when it will happen or what will set the abuser off. The abuser accuses the victim for the abuse and their troubles. To stay out of harm’s way the victim might pullback in order not to make the abuser mad all over again. The abuser may gradually become more envious & vocally abusive.

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