Diets: Friend or Foe!!!

For the past several years one of my New Year’s resolutions has been weight loss.  I have tried many different diet programs in the past and they do work, at first.  Overtime these diets tend to taper off and after a while, I’ve gained back the pounds that I had lost.  Although, weight loss is on my resolution’s list; I plan to reach this goal in a healthy way.

In October, 2010, Meg Selig published an article in Changepower magazine titled Why Diets Don’t Work…And What Does.” She explains that she is against diets that have highly restrictive eating programs and listed below are the reasons why:

1. As weight loss programs, diets don’t work! Yes, you lose weight, but about 95% of people who lose weight by dieting will regain it in 1-5 years. Since dieting, by definition, is a temporary food plan, it won’t work in the long run. Moreover, the deprivation of restrictive diets may lead to a diet-overeat or diet-binge cycle. And since your body doesn’t want you to starve, it responds to overly-restrictive diets by slowing your metabolism which of course makes it harder to lose weight.

2. Fad diets can be harmful. They may lack essential nutrients, for example. Moreover, they teach you nothing about healthy eating. Thus, when you’ve “completed” your fad diet, you simply boomerang back to the unhealthy eating patterns that caused your weight gain in the first place! This is the beginning of “yo-yo dieting,” which can bring its own health problems in its wake.

3. Overly restrictive diets can take all the pleasure out of eating! There’s no reason to be a sacrificial lamb, so to speak, to lose weight.

4. Dieting, along with the frequent and compulsive weighing that accompanies it, can lead to eating disorders. According to one source, people who diet are 8 times as likely to develop an eating disorder as people who don’t.

2 thoughts on “Diets: Friend or Foe!!!

  1. I normally don’t have a weight loss plan either. I try to eat healthy by incorporating lots of fruits and veggies. I also try my best to workout at least twice a week. I try to be realistic on my eating and exercise plan so I don’t get mad at myself.

  2. My weight loss plan is a lot like yours… eat more (3 meals, 2 snacks), but smaller portions. I never tried a diet fad and do not plan on it. I find it is healthier for me to just portion out my meals and exercise to keep the weight off. Nothing better than old fashion exercise. 🙂

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