Define Beauty

Define Beauty

How do you define beauty?   When someone asks you what a beautiful woman or handsome man looks like what picture do you conjure in your mind?   For most of us we go with the culture’s definition of beauty.   This is detrimental for most of us because our culture has a very narrow definition and most of us don’t fit in that definition.   Most people compare themselves to others in order to define their worth (but that is a subject for another blog).

Notice how even America’s definition of beauty has changed over the years. Marilyn Monroe would be considered overweight and less desirable by today’s mass-market beauty standards.   Yes things are starting to change in relation to finding women of a larger size attractive. In fact a size 16 model was recently featured on the cover of Sport Illustrated.   That being said it’s important to note how that model was still “attractive” by our society’s definition in many ways.   For instance she lacked cellulite, she has a flat stomach and smooth skin.

For women to push back against society’s definition takes some mental effort. This isn’t just one-time effort either; it’s an ongoing internal dialogue we must have with ourselves.   When we notice a negative internal audiotape that says we are not attractive in some way it’s important to take notice of the thought and re-write it in our mind to a healthier statement.   We must decide we will not be brainwashed by numerous advertisements sporting pictures of what society thinks is a beautiful woman.  Left over from patriarchal times there is still this underlying unspoken message all women receive that says we are not worth as much if we are not beautiful by our culture’s standards.  We must decide that our worth is not based on outward appearances but upon whom we are at the core of our being and who God says we are.


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