Consensual Sex

Consensual Sex

Let’s talk about sex.

According to Merriam-Webster, sex is defined as a physical activity in which people touch each other’s bodies, kiss each other, etc. : physical activity that is related to and often includes sexual intercourse (

Sex falls on a spectrum that ranges from intimacy: the act between two committed and consensual individuals, to rape: the act of an individual dominating power and control over the other without consensus.  Making whoopee (as The Honeymoon Game show would say) with your spouse is supposed to be fun, enlightening, sensual, and spiritual.  That is if both are in agreement of the physical activity.  When one person declines the offer, however, the other should respect his/her request.  Sometimes, that request is violated.

Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN) reported alarming statistics of how often sexual assault occurs in the United States.  Within a given year, there are 293,066 sexual assault victims.  That means every 107 seconds there is a reported victim of sexual assault!  It is heartbreaking to know that there is about 14 victims in a single day!  If you are thinking that there is no such thing as rape within a marriage, think again.  Rape, whether it be within a marriage or dating, is associated with assault and battery charges.

So, why is it so hard for some individuals to accept the two letter, simple word “NO” when it comes to sex?  Let me assist by showing this short clip of the importance in respecting your partner’s request.

Warning: there are a few f-bombs in the beginning of the clip.

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