The Confederate Flag: Is Change Possible


Change Is It Possible

Living in the South, I often hear individuals of the majority say that the Confederate flag symbolizes their heritage. Whereas, most minorities see this same flag as a symbol of hatred.  I guess it depends on which end of the whip your ancestors had contact with that aids in one’s perception.  I was recently at an event and the speaker discussed different perceptions when it comes to the Confederate flag.  The part of the speech that resonated  with me was when the speaker pointed out that usually when we fail at something, we tend to try to hide our faux pas  away. Naturally, so we tend to want to show off the things we do well.  Not the case with the Confederate flag. Clearly, the South did not win the Civil War, yet majority Southerns want to hang the Confederate flag wherever they can. I suppose this is done in efforts to honor their heritage??? Perhaps many do not know the entire history of the flag and therefore they fly it proudly……The speaker suggested that perhaps they should learn the entire history of the flag and then maybe they will replace it with the White Flag of surrender!

What do you think?

2 thoughts on “The Confederate Flag: Is Change Possible

  1. I do not believe that people will ever wave the white flag because it is reminder of defeat. As Americans we do not accept losing well. I believe that those displaying the flag understand perfectly what it stands for. They want the world to know that their lose was a faux pas, at least to them, and they stand behind.that flag and it’s principles whole-heartedly. It just lets us know we haven’t come as far as we thought as a nation.

  2. Growing up in Tennessee, the Confederate flag is something that people parade around proudly. I believe that many don’t know the meaning of the this flag and that this was a battle that we (Americans) lost. I was told that many still promote this flag, and it has nothing to do with the war. But about the POWER behind it! The power that many had over others at that time. It’s a reminder of how things where, before many were given privileges as others. It’s more of a statement of power at that time, which I have come to believe, because who parades around a trophy that reads: “Second Place”

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