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What is Your Diagnosis?

I recently read an article about Jared from Subway and his case about child pornography. It caused me to think a little. At first I was in denial and I just did not want to believe that the ‘Subway Guy’ could do such a thing. Immediately after though , I was disgusted and wanted him to be punished. After I finished reading the article and calming my emotions down I discovered that the real question is whether or not child pornography is a sickness or a choice. Even with the strides that have been taken, mental health is still pretty much a taboo subject. On the other hand though, people are quick to use the insanity plea and any other mental health cop out that they can and because of that people are weary to believe there is an issue when there really is one. But back to Jared….as I was reading the article it said that Jared was attracted to girls 16 and 17 from the time he was 15 and it just never progressed to older women. It can be any young girl, from what I understood from the article. He even had cameras in his own children’s rooms. What can be said about that? Is he an adult pervert or is there something mentally deeper that is causing him to be attracted to young girls? Jared took a plea deal and is headed to the federal prison for 15 years. The question in mind though is should he be in prison or should he be in some sort of therapy and rehab (he also has an alcohol addiction)?

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  1. I think it can be all of the above – perversion/ deviation from typical sex practices and a mental health issue. Hopefully he gets the help he needs!

  2. I think he should be in prison getting some REAL help for both of his illness. Anytime someone put a camera in their own child rooms, there is a problem. I think he does have a problem with still been stuck in the mind set of a 15 year old. But, I’m sure it was something that happen in that time frame of his life that kept him there. Hopefully while in jail he can take advantage of the free help for both of his illness.
    Great Post!

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