Cheap and Free Date Night Ideas!


Much has been said on this blog and others about the importance of spending quality time with your partner. But dinner and a movie can get expensive, especially if you also have to pay a sitter. Following is a list of free and cheap date night ideas.

Drive around looking for your dream house together. Better yet, take in several open houses and compare what each of you want in a home.

Find a friend that the both of you know who needs a break, and offer to babysit, dog walk or tend to their garden for a few hours while they put their feet up and relax.

Have a yard sale. Clean out one (or both) of your places, and post signs in the neighborhood to advertise the event.

Find somewhere to go skinny dipping together.

Create a fill in the blank Q&A sheet for the other to answer and explain. Questions could include: “My favorite thing about you is _____.” “I knew I loved you when ____.” “It makes me laugh when you _____.”

Enter contests together for a day. Some may require an essay or skill testing question, so enjoy crafting or figuring them out together. Or, find contests whose potential wins could be enjoyed together.

Visit the Chamber of Commerce or Visitors Center for your area or a nearby location. Ask for a free walking tour map, and set off to explore an area neither of you know well already.

Find a local artisan or manufacturer that offers free tours with a sample at the end of the presentation, such as a candy maker or winery.

Go people watching together. Find a busy place and sit down with the intent of creating stories about the folks you see. Who’s on a date, and where are they rushing off to?

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