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8 September 2015
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Change Is It Possible

“Suppose I decide I want to be a great singer.  I rent a concert hall, and advertise in all the papers:  Come and hear the concert.  The time comes for the concert to begin.  I go out onto the platform, and the piano gives the introduction.  I open my mouth.  My voice squeaks and cracks and fades away, and above the shouts of laughter and derision, I make my way offstage.  I have chosen to be a great singer, but I can’t perform.”  Faith That Works by Morris L. Venden

Have you ever made a good choice in your life but still struggle with your performance?  You have taken the first step.  You made a choice to change, but knowing how to make the changes remains a mystery.  Change and pinpointing what affects your performance is a process that takes time.  We can help you maneuver and make steps towards a better performance.  Contact us!

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One response on “Change: Is It Possible?

  1. Awesome….very interesting…..I might get the book.
    Thanks for sharing!!!

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