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1 January 2015
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Happy New Year 2015

Start the new year off on a positive note. Be careful of making too many unattainable resolutions. Pick one goal or set one boundary. Be blessed!      

21 November 2014
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Fathers, You Teach Your Daughters How Their Husbands Should Treat Them

Ardenfrost had this to say about raising daughters: “It gave me a lot of opinions on what it means to be a man. Being a man isn’t anger, it’s not yelling, it’s not violence, it’s not fighting, it’s not impatience, it’s not acting before thinking. Being a man is making right decisions, it’s doing the […]

14 May 2014
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Honoring Fathers

Father’s Day is coming up. Our society, it seems, has a love-hate relationship with fathers. Lately the trend in many ways has been to discount, demean, and diminish the role of fatherhood. While it is true that some dads are “dead beats,” some are abusive, and some are portrayed on sitcoms and commercials as idiots, […]

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