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4 August 2015
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50/50: Divorce Is Rising

The divorce rate in America is extremely high. It is at 50%. That means that every couple that gets married has a 50/50 chance that they will not make. We all know that anytime something has 50/50 odds… it is a big gamble. No wonder many people or opting to get married later in life […]

27 February 2014
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Megan’s Divorce Rant

I love my job as a marriage counselor and praise God everyday for being able to do it. One of the downsides of my life’s work is dealing with divorce or pending divorce. Divorce is a destructive force with a root of selfishness and immaturity. Marriage is not about two separate people taking care of […]

12 November 2013
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Adult Children of Divorced Parents

  Divorce. The word alone is considered taboo in the American culture; nobody wants to hear it, see it or experience it, but divorce has been prevalent since the 1980s. Just recently has the divorce rate dropped from 50% to 40% with a prediction of a lower percentage in the future (“Divorce Rates in 2013”, […]

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