Are You a Good Parent?

Most people want to be good parents. But what makes a “good” parent? No rules? Lots of rules? Experts identify three parenting styles:

Authoritarian parenting or a “brick wall” family:

Authoritarian parents have an attitude of “my way or the highway.” The benefit of this style of parenting is that the kids have structure and know what to expect. The downside is that there is little communication between parents and children and the kids may rebel strongly at some point. This type of family may become abusive and find themselves in a power struggle.

4 thoughts on “Are You a Good Parent?

  1. The brick wall parenting style can be dangerous. The children will feel that they have no say in anything and cannot develop their own personality. I prefer the backbone parenting style because it has a balance which is key. Thanks for sharing your insights.

  2. I think it is important for families to have a balance between structure and communication. Parents need to respect and discipline their children and children must also be able to honor their parents. Parents need to set boundaries and rules in order for their children to grow and learn; however, when they are too strict or too lenient, than children seem to either rebel or think they run the roost. In either case, both the parents and children will not benefit.

  3. I wonder what the authors would say about the parents having different styles… from what I have heard from parents, it can be difficult if spouses are not on the same page. Backbone is definitely the medium between being rigid with children and being too loosey-goosey, and it can be easily maintained when both parents agree to the same parenting style. Good luck parents!

  4. I prefer the backbone. When raising a child (children) they need to have structure, discipline and communication instilled in them to help them grow and mature into adults.

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