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12 August 2015
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I recently had a conversation with two co-workers. One has a child and the other does not have any children. My husband and I recently purchased a new vehicle for our teenage son. The conversation began with the co-worker who has a child expressing concern over the cost of school sponsored trips. I could relate as my son has gone on two school sponsored trips both  well over $1,200.00. My thoughts, if the child is doing what is expected of him and you can afford additional things…then by all means, do what you are comfortable doing. The co-worker without children says, “well buying a teenager a new car is to much……How are you teaching him the value of a dollar or how to be financially responsible?” The other coworker appeared to agree and added that sometimes we over do it and end up spoiling our kids. My response was simply, ” I do not have to buy my kid’s affection and buying them things does not mean that they are spoiled.” My son, has a job and has since he was 15 1/2 years old. He worked two jobs last summer. We have devised a savings plan for him. He made out a budget for himself….that we agreed to. He is in the top 13% of his class. I think being responsible merits rewards. You may see it differently and that’s fine. You are absolutely entitled to your opinion as I am to mine. I do not think my kids are spoiled. My son was not expecting a car but it was a pleasant surprise. I see nothing wrong in affording our kids opportunities that may not have been available to us…if they are doing their part to comply with your household rules. So what do you think? Are we spoiling our children?

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Thenessa, an LPC-Intern, is a graduate of the Masters of Arts in Professional Counseling program at Amberton University under the supervision of Megan R. Lee, LPC-S. Thenessa earned her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with a minor in Biology from East Texas Baptist University in Marshall, Texas.

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One response on “Are We Spoiling Our Children?

  1. I do not believe that you and your significant other are spoiling your children. There is also no need for justifying ya’lls decision to purchase a car for your son. Parents always want to provide their children with items that they were not able to receive as a young one. As a teenager, my parents purchased a new car for me and I do not believe I was spoiled, because I had to make minimal payments to them in return. I think there is a fine line between responsibility and spoiling… and it is all going to be looked at differently depending on that person’s upbringing. Congrats to your son in achieving a huge present in return for his hard work!

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