An Easter Meaning

An Easter MeaningOne of the most important events in Christianity is the death and later the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Good Friday occurs on the Friday before Easter. The day commemorates the Crucifixion of Jesus. Some people believe it to be a day of sorrow and mourning. Others believe it to be a day of celebration of what’s to come.  For me it’s a day of family time and thankfulness and a celebration of what’s to come; the resurrection. Last year and this year we decided to do something different. The older generation in our family usually plan out a morning of church, then a gathering a someone’s house for  Easter lunch and dinner, spending time with family and friends, and having an Easter egg hunt for the kids. Now my generation decided to have something at the lake, simple foods, filled with laughter and good times with the family, and of course we will not forget the Easter egg hunt.

What does Good Friday and Easter mean to you? How do you and your family Easter?

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  1. We had a wonderful Easter! Of course we started the morning at Cornerstone Baptist Church with Church and Sunday School. We then had dinner and dessert we mostly prepared the day before, relaxed and talked as a family all day. It was a real blessing.

  2. As for me and my house, we never really plan anything. We kind of play it by ear. Whatever we decide to do, we always ensure that there is a moment to reflect on the season. However, this year, we spent time with family and out of town friends.

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