Abstinence or Contraceptives

Couple IntimacySitting in my house on Friday enjoying the cool weather I was watching a movie on Lifetime called The Pregnancy Pact. It was about a small town that was going through a pregnancy epidemic. At a particular school, a group of 5 friends had made a pact to become pregnant at the same time. Now while under age sex and premarital sex are subjects within themselves, that is not what this blog is about. But I digress… these young ladies were in love with being in love. For most of them it was their first love and they believed that it would be wonderful to have their kids grow up together. On the outside looking in these girls would be called promiscuous or sluts. At face value maybe they were, but in context of the movie they were just young girls with ambitions of families and children.

The school nurse wanted to pass out contraception and incorporate a sex education class, but the school board disagreed and said sex is a subject for the household. With all of that being said I ask the question should children be taught the message of abstinence or should they be taught about sex and who should teach it? I personally think it should be a collaborate effort. Abstinence should be taught but realistically we cannot expect every child to refrain from sex and therefore sex education should be taught and contraceptives available. In the old days the saying ‘it takes a village’ held true. Children were raised by a triple threat- the home, school, and church. We have strayed away from this notion. Children are very impressionable and unless everyone in their environment is on the same page the message will become void. I felt sorry for the young ladies in the movie. They had been beaten down with the message of abstinence with no other options and as a result they were setting themselves up for a lifetime of heartache.

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  1. I agree with you the information should be three fold. Kids will get information from school/peers if they don’t get it at home and church. The parents/guardians must be proactive instead of reactive. The moment children start asking questions about sex the education at home needs to begin. Children do not live in a bubble and Christians cannot attempt to keep their children in such a bubble due to their beliefs about pre-marital sex.

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