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Our Philosophy

Our philosophy at FFC (Family First Counseling) uses a method of counseling that is a resourceful approach taking into account the psychological, social, spiritual and relational dimensions of our clients.  Our counselors hold to the values of our faith. However, as professionals our personal lives enable us to maintain a balanced, non-judgmental understanding of our clients.

Our Mission as Christian Counselors

FFC exists as a faith based practice, meaning that our basic belief is that God is central to healing, and we as Christian counselors, are instruments of God.  Many clients who come to our office may have a strong belief in God, but many may also only have a small or intellectual-only belief.  Others may come here because we offer affordable care, and they may have no real understanding of God in their life.  That’s fine with us, because our goal to love and treat all clients the same.

Our Vision

Our challenge is to provide acceptance and care, regardless of client belief system.  We recognize that they may only see God while receiving the care that they get from their counselor at FFC.  While our beliefs impact and shape the counseling process we will not impose our beliefs on clients.  It is our mission to tell the truth and assist our clients in love.

Our Values

Teamwork and Partnerships

We are a team of professionals and the community is an extension of our team and ministry.  We collaborate with others to build an outstanding and effective continuum of care.

Compassionate and Caring

We are dedicated to healing relationships, in which our clients can feel comfortable and grow.

Integrity Matters

We keep our promises and the confidentiality of our clients. We treat everyone with dignity and respect.

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