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18 December 2013
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1. Commitment is the glue of marriage. Insulate and protect your marriage against emotional infidelity by avoiding friendships with members of the opposite sex.

2. Minimal codependence is necessary in a great marriage.  A husband and wife must need each other.

3. Spouses need clear, realistic goals and a specific plan of how to achieve a great marriage.

4. Acceptance of your spouse is about appreciating them, not settling.

5. Like any strong working partnership, marriage should have well-defined roles for each spouse.

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Megan, a native of Kansas City, Kansas is an empty nest parent of three adult children Ayanna, Jonathan and Isiah. Megan is a Christian and active in ministry at her church Cornerstone Baptist Church, in Arlington, TX. She is currently a Doctoral student working toward a Ph.D. in Marriage & Family Therapy at Texas Wesleyan University. Her personal interests include independent film, music and marriage enrichment. Megan is the co-founder of the Minority Behavioral Health Provider Networking Group along with colleague Cynthia Thompson.

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2 responses on “11 Secrets to a Great Marriage

  1. I completely agree with all of these steps, especially number 1 and 2. For me these can be the start of the marriage, you can focus on your marriage and not everyone else. Even though I am not married, these would be the steps I would go by,

  2. I guess they are not secrets anymore! Thanks for sharing this. As a newlywed, these pointers should keep us growing and going through the years. As a counselor intern, I found numerous people would place their children before their spouse and I am so glad to see that your spousal relationship should be #1 (well, #2 after God). Without the spousal support, children can sometimes take on a “parental role” when they should not. Thanks again for this article!

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