19 May 2014
Self Improvement
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journalingHave you ever asked yourself this question. Who Am I? What do I have to offer? These questions were asked today in morning worship service at my church.  Matthew 5:13 says ” You are the salt of the earth; but if the salt loses it’s flavor, how shall it be seasoned?”  As believers in Jesus Christ we possess the spiritual fruits of God. These spiritual fruits can also be called personal strengths. We all have personal strengths and need to know what these strengths are so we can tap into them when we are faced with many challenges in life. Our personal strengths are what make us who we are. Are you: accepting, bold, courageous, dependable, eager, friendly, giving, humorous, insightful, likable, motivated, nurturing, optimistic, patient, reliable, sincere, tolerant unselfish or witty. Once you are able to identify what your personal strengths are then you can learn to apply these strengths when life challenges hit you head on.



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