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2 September 2015
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Many families travel during the summer. The kids are out of school and it makes travel easier. Planning the right vacation for you family can sometimes be stressful. Especially when no one really wants to take the same type of vacation.  For example, my family recently took a summer vacation.  My idea of a fun vacation is a beautiful location, where I have to do minimal work…..laying around sipping on mai tai’s. My husband’s idea of a fun vacation is seeing sights and learning. The kids, of course want thrill and action. This year was my husband’s pick. He chose New York and Washington D.C. I happen to love both places so I was on board…..I totally forgot how much walking these places entail….my Fitbit was in super throttle mode the entire trip.  Prior to the trip, we were back and forth on the details of the trip…this to me is the stressful part, along with being on a schedule to make sure you get everything in….yeah, my husband’s a planner. Even though it was not my ideal vacation, I think we all had a awesome time…….and extra family bonding time and in the end that’s all that matters!!!

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Thenessa, an LPC-Intern, is a graduate of the Masters of Arts in Professional Counseling program at Amberton University under the supervision of Megan R. Lee, LPC-S. Thenessa earned her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with a minor in Biology from East Texas Baptist University in Marshall, Texas.

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