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14 November 2015
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YOU Have To Love Yourself

The fact that someone else loves you doesn’t rescue you from the project of loving yourself. – Sahaj Kohli Such a powerful reminder that no matter who you invite into your life, no matter how much their love soothes the pains of the past, you still have to make it a priority to love yourself. […]

25 August 2015
Spiritual Growth
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Faith Out The Window

A small boy was on a bus on his way home from Sunday school. The day was warm. The windows were open. The boy had received a motto on a card, “Have Faith in God.” As the wind swept through the bus, his card went flying out the window. He shouted, “Stop the Bus! My […]

10 August 2015
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Two Ears, One Mouth

I have had the privilege to attend a Bible Conference for the last month called Journey to Joy.  The Pastor remarked that in God’s infinite wisdom He gave all of us two ears and one mouth.  However, we tend to use our mouths to be understood instead of our ears to gain understanding.  Imagine how […]

4 June 2015
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The Elephant in Your Relationship

Is there an elephant in your relationship?  You’ve noticed an agonizing difference between the two of you that is the size of an elephant!  Maybe you know what the elephant is but you don’t know how to fix it.  Perhaps you don’t know what the elephant is but you want to fix it.  The elephant […]

4 November 2013
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Relationship Needs

Everyone has needs in a relationship. If you or your partner feels unfulfilled in your relationship, it could be that you aren’t meeting each others’ needs. Just realizing that your partner has needs, and that they really do need to be filled can help you identify where you can work on your relationship. Dr. Willard Harley, Jr. suggests […]

30 October 2013
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Are You a Good Parent?

Most people want to be good parents. But what makes a “good” parent? No rules? Lots of rules? Experts identify three parenting styles: Authoritarian parenting or a “brick wall” family: Authoritarian parents have an attitude of “my way or the highway.” The benefit of this style of parenting is that the kids have structure and […]

What We Want vs. What We Need

What We Want versus What We Need? In an ideal world we would satisfy our search for a significant other, with someone who fulfills all of our wants and needs. This would be our Mr. or Ms. Right.  Does such a person exist? Are our standards set to high that no one will ever be […]

3 Types of Attachment in Marriage – Ingredients of a Healthy Marriage – Part I

Attachment According to Karyn Ellis secure attachment starts at birth and impacts how the child will develop and socialize with others outside of those first attachment relationships. Secure attachment relationships create the sense of belonging, healthy dependency, security and stability that allows the individual to be independent. How the caregiver interacts with the child, meets […]

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