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5 January 2015
Self Improvement
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Megan’s Leap List 2015

I learned about Leap Lists last year and decided to do one yearly ending on my birthday.  I did this last year and was somewhat successful. What I did find out is that I need support to keep them in mind.  So I will be trying to recruit my friends and family to write a […]

13 September 2014
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Emotional Bank Accounts

When it comes to improving and maintaining our relationships with others, I really like Stephen Covey’s concept of the Emotional Bank Account. If you’ve never heard of this, it basically means that anyone with whom we have a relationship with, whether it be our spouses, significant others, coworkers, family or friends, we maintain a personal “emotional” […]

12 September 2014
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5 Keys to Intimacy

Marriage Makeover Tip: Happy couples are not perfect but they have most likely mastered the areas listed above.

5 September 2014
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Live in Truth and Light

Marriage (and Life) Makeover Tip: Having trouble getting love from your husband? Are you having trouble getting respect from your wife?  Is it a struggle to get your children to follow your directions? Perhaps you are modeling dishonesty in your home.  Do your actions and motives reflect your belief in God and align with truth? […]

4 September 2014
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Avoid Passive-Aggressive Behavior

Marriage Makeover Tip: I know many of you are reading the title of this post thinking, “That’s exactly how my spouse behaves!” Check yourself these examples may pertain to you. IJS Substance abuse Emotionally withdrawing from your marriage Adulterous physical and emotional affairs Lying, including omission Refusing to participate in couple or family oriented events Withholding […]

2 September 2014
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Guard Your Heart

Marriage Makeover Tip: If you and your spouse are having issues or even separated you should guard your heart even more than usual.  You may be feeling lonely, and unloved.  Guard your heart and your marriage.

15 April 2014
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Loving Gestures Begin to Fade–Angry Marriage Sign #1

Everyone looks forward to special gestures in their marriage.  If you stop feeling like doing them or if they don’t happen very often, this may be a sign. At the start of an anger cycle the willingness and interest in doing favors, or treating your spouse and special ways stops.  If your spirit of generosity […]

9 April 2014
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Are You in an Angry Marriage?

Living and loving in a truly mature way (in an adult marriage) means letting insights transform the ways in which you relate to one another.  To do this couples must learn to communicate their needs effectively. It requires a new language of love, a form of communication based on insight and emotional understanding.  Finding the […]

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