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5 June 2014
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Twelve years ago I unexpectedly lost my mother.  Outside of my wife, she was my best friend.  We had a relationship that was inseparable.  There was always a special love for her, but most of all I had a great level of respect for her.  Whenever I needed advice, help, money, etc, she was always there for me.  There was nothing in this world that I would not do for her.  When she departed the face of this earth I was saddened so deeply.  Mostly because I would never physically see her again.  I noticed how others were deeply grieved by her sudden death as well.  Some were saddened for the same reason I was. However, some were saddened because of guilt.  Where did the guilt come from?  Maybe it came from not spending enough time with her while she was living.  Or maybe it came from an undelivered apology.  Or maybe the guilt came from blatant mistreatment.  Maybe you failed to fulfill a promised obligation.  Who knows the reason?

Guess what?  You have been given a second chance.  You can’t turn back the hands of time, however; you do have the chance to pour that love into someone else.  For example;  give you self completely to your spouse by loving and cherishing them with unconditional love.  Be loyal to your friends and co-workers.  Give to your neighbor when you have the means to do so.  Life is too precious.  Do not take for granted that everyone you are attached to will be there the next morning you awake to start your day.  Stop all the madness!  Get rid of the drama! You may say that it is not that easy.  And you may be right.  But remember, easy or not; you still have the power to do the right thing f you so desire.  It is merely a decision.  Go ahead and make a sound decision to do that right thing.  So when an episode of death hits close to your home, you will not experience any unnecessary guilt.

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2 responses on “Share Your Love Today!!!

  1. I totally agree, awesome concept “Pay it forward” and yes sometimes easier said than done!!!

  2. Good advice! My dad has had cancer twice now (he’s in remission from both), and that has been a good opportunity for us to say what we need to say while he’s alive.

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