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17 June 2015
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Self-Care for Parents

Parents are professional care-takers of their children but often fail at taking care of themselves.  Some parents even feel guilty if they spend any time honoring their own desires and passions.  They may spend all their energy investing in their children’s passions and interests even at the expense of their own well-being.  The truth of the matter is a child’s well-being is directly related to a parent’s own well-being.  If parents take time for themselves — to refuel, to seek out their own passions and desires, to meet their own needs — their capacity to connect and take care of their children will be maximized.  By taking time for themselves, they not only model for their children the value of self-care but will be re-energized to  give their best to their children.

Look back at your list of dreams and wishes today and give yourself permission to do something just for you.

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2 responses on “Self-Care for Parents

  1. I certainly do not do this….very often. Thanks very valuable information.

  2. Vernesa Perry says:

    This is such an important step that most parents don’t do. Taking small breaks to refuel is so essential and it makes a huge difference.!!

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