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5 March 2014
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Gottman Sound Relationship House, Part 6

The next level in Gottman’s Sound Relationship House is about managing conflict. According to Gottman, there are two types of problem: solvable problems and unsolvable problems. The difference between the two is that unsolvable problems have symbolic meaning for each partner. For example, the partners aren’t really fighting about money, they are fighting about his […]

4 March 2014
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Gender roles – Masculine versus Feminine

What are little boys made of? What are little boys made of? Slugs and snails And puppy-dogs’ tails, That’s what little boys are made of. What are little girls made of? What are little girls made of? Sugar and spice And everything nice, That’s what little girls are made of. “What Are Little Boys Made […]

3 March 2014
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Experiencing Grief

Grief is a reaction to a loss that can consist of a variety of behaviors, feelings, and thoughts, and is experienced in a different way by each person according to his or her gender, culture, background, beliefs, personality, and relationship to the loss or deceased. People not only experience grief  through someone being deceased, but […]

2 March 2014
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Let’s Get Him Involved in Our Family

I remember growing up with five brother and three sisters.  We lived in a four bedroom home in a little country town of North Carolina.  My father worked from sun up till sun down to provide for us.  My mother was a home-maker.  Yes, she made the home what it was.  Although she did not […]

27 February 2014
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Characteristics of a Healthy Relationship

Our most particular relationships are those that bring us closer to others- our friends, partners, spouses, parents and children. Such an intimacy is the most rewarding and often the most demanding of human involvements. The giving of ourselves to others, sharing thoughts, feelings, experiences, and sexual pleasures touch the essence of what it means to be human. Healthy relationships […]

27 February 2014
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Megan’s Divorce Rant

I love my job as a marriage counselor and praise God everyday for being able to do it. One of the downsides of my life’s work is dealing with divorce or pending divorce. Divorce is a destructive force with a root of selfishness and immaturity. Marriage is not about two separate people taking care of […]

26 February 2014
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Gottman Sound Relationship House Part 5

The next level in Gottman’s Sound Relationship House is called the Positive Perspective. Gottman says that happy couples have Positive Sentiment Override, meaning that they view their spouse in a positive way. Neutral actions are interpreted with positive meanings, and even negative actions are interpreted as “she’s just having a bad day.” In contrast, unhappy […]

25 February 2014
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I Need to Make a Decision!

When God created us, He gave us the ability to choose.  He could have designed us to act, react and interact according to how He wanted us to. However, he thought it might be best to give us options and choices.  Remember Adam and Eve? God placed them in this world and gave them access […]

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