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1 December 2015
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Kids Don’t Come With An Instruction Manual

A friend and I were talking and she told me, “I hate when people say Kids don’t come with an instruction manual.”  She went on to explain that as a Christian we should never say this statement because we have the Bible.  I must humbly admit as a Christian that I have thought and said […]

30 November 2015
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Should Our Daughters Have A Best Friend?

When I was a child I had a BF (best friend). In grade school this term of Best Friend went one step further and BFF (Best Friend Forever) was thrown around a lot. Talk about a lot of pressure! As adults, most people have a hard time staying married to one person for the rest […]

26 November 2015
Self Improvement
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Thankful for the Many Blessings!!!

We get so busy in our everyday lives that we tend to forget the many Blessings God has bestowed upon us. With the holiday season upon us what better time to stop and think about the many Blessings we have.  Sure we recognize the “Big” Blessings; a job (even if it is less than ideal), a […]

24 November 2015
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Grandparents and Preschoolers

The past eight years I have worked at a preschool. Within those eight years, I’ve seen a high number of grandparents raising these youths today. On a caseload 54, I have a total of 26 grandparents raising these preschoolers. Even with the increase in grand-parents roles as caregiver appears to be continuing for the foreseeable […]

23 November 2015
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Money and Marriage!!!

  After viewing several readings via the web it is clear that money, marriage and divorce are linked and not in a good way. Per certain articles, the earlier the financial arguments begin, the higher the chance of divorce. I did not read any articles that discussed if couples actually sit down prior to marriage […]

20 November 2015
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Does Loyalty Help World Peace?

As human we are naturally wired to have a sense of loyalty. Loyalty builds relationships that last for long periods of time. Loyalty also allows us to know who to trust and who to steer clear from. The question I have though, is why dos loyalty have to be so closed minded? For example if […]

19 November 2015
Self Improvement
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Helping Hand or A Hindrance!!!!

In one of my current jobs……….due to the high volume of clientele and veteran clients…… I have began to ponder is a “helping hand” really a helping hand or is it a hindrance? In this particular line of work, we assist several individuals as well as families sometimes in a financial capacity. In general, these are low income […]

17 November 2015
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Who’s Your Counselor’s Counselor?

As I near the end of collecting my state LPC-Intern hours, I have realized the importance of the question: Who’s your counselor’s counselor?  At first, I found it easy to compartmentalized the traumas that I was hearing on a daily basis from my clients and not allowing their stories to effect me.  However, after two […]

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