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3 July 2015
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pet therapy

Are you searching for the miracle pill to lower anxiety, depression, stress, etc?  If so, look no further than your man’s (or woman’s) best friend.  In the past few years, there has been tremendous research done on pet therapy and one’s health – emotional, mental, physical and spiritual.  Pet Partners, a nonprofit animal-assisted program, lists multiple benefits that pets can have for children, adults, seniors and families.  Below is a list from their website,, to show the impact of owning a pet.


– Increase in self-esteem.

– Teaches responsibility and respect towards other living beings.

– Increase with involvement in activities: sports, hobbies, clubs and/or chores.

– Increase in treatment procedures if suffering from an ailment.


– Decrease in blood pressure.

– Decrease in anxiety and stress levels.

– Teaches nurturing and parenthood.

– An abundance of snuggles, laughter and unconditional love.


– Brings new meaning and purpose to life.

– Decrease in doctor visits for minor health issues.

– Decrease in blood pressure and cholesterol.

– Increase in motivation to engage in daily activities and socialization.


– Touches the lives of all generations.

– Cheers up the stressed and tired parents.

– Excellent companion for child(ren).


Having thoughts of getting a pet?  Do your research to find out which pet best fits your life style.  Also, may I suggest obtaining your new pet from your local animal shelter.  There are plenty that need a new home, hopefully yours!  As for me, we have two golden retrievers, Ozzie and Leo, that have made our family complete.  Blessings to your health and family (including fur babies)!

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2 responses on “Pet Therapy: An Effective Drug

  1. Veronica Swink says:

    I agree to the benefits of pet therapy! I have had the privilege of working with a counselor who provides equine therapy and to see the children interact with the horses is amazing-learning to be responsible and establish trust with the horses.

  2. Thanks Kristi, we are contemplating getting a family pet…..still on the fence. Your information is very insightful!!!

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