15 March 2016
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personal boundaries


Personal Boundaries allow you to be in the driver seat of your own life. The dictionary defines a boundary as “a line that marks the limits of an area.”  Personal Boundaries is an invisible line that expresses to others the parameters for you how you expect them to treat you and also how you will treat them. These boundaries create safety and security for yourself and in your relationships. Below are some personal boundaries to consider. Remember, it’s never too late to establish or re-establish healthy boundaries.

  • Physical boundaries – Personal Space & Physical Touch

What types of physical touch (hug, kiss, handshake) are you most comfortable giving and receiving? With whom do you feel most comfortable displaying physical touch?  What settings are most appropriate for you to display different types of touch? Are others allowed to enter certain settings (office, bedroom, etc) without your permission?

  • Intellectual Boundaries – Thoughts and Ideas

What do you believe? Are you easily influenced to change your mind? Are you able to listen to others without becoming argumentative or defensive? Do you dismiss others’ ideas?

  • Emotional boundaries – Feelings and Emotions

Do you know when to share, when not to share, what to share, and whom to share with? Do you blame others for your feelings? Do you accept blame for other’s feelings?

  • Sexual Boundaries – Emotional, Intellectual, and Physical Aspects of Sexuality

Is there a mutual understanding and respect? Are you deciding what, where, when, and with whom? Are you giving or receiving unwanted touch and/or pressured to engage in sexual acts? Are you giving or receiving unwanted sexual comments?

  • Material Boundaries  – Money and Possessions

Are you setting limits on when you will lend and to whom you will lend?

  • Time Boundaries – Use of Time

Are you setting aside enough time for work, relationships, and hobbies? Are you demanding too much of someone’s time? Is someone demanding too much of your time?

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  1. Annette Kerr says:

    I fully believe that setting boundaries in relationships can transform someone’s life. I know several instances where once someone set healthy boundaries they no longer needed counseling, they could cope with life without professional assistance!

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