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Women seek relationships as a way to connect and feel supported. There is a direct correlation between the number of satisfying relationships a women has and her level of happiness. Even with the best of intentions though, relationships can get off-track – whether with your partner, parents, co-workers or friends.

Talking and being heard is extremely healing for women. This is especially important when women are expected to listen and care for others, with little understanding about what women themselves need to feel connected and for self-understanding.  Talking about what is going on in your life can help you understand more fully your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, roles and behaviors. This can lead to greater self-acceptance and empowerment in the decisions you make for yourself and in your relationships.

Women face many conflicts today; being stretched too thin, care of upper and lower generations, the youth culture causing diminished self esteem, and a feeling of loss of meaning in our lives as we age. A triggering event can be kids leaving home, having children, infidelity, divorce, ill parents, spouse, partner, or kids, sudden change in employment or financial stability and/or simply a new awareness of dissatisfaction.

Certain issues specific to women tend to revolve around care-taking stresses, as well as from feelings of being unnoticed, undervalued or unacknowledged.  In the recent decade, more women than ever have come forward suffering from body image problems, depression, perfectionism, sexual problems, disordered eating and self-sabotaging behavior.  And of course, women are the primary victims of sexual crimes and can often be victims of emotional abuse.

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