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Our goal is to provide practicum students enrolled in an accredited Master’s program for counseling, or marriage and family therapy with an experience that not only fulfills academic requirements and prepares the individual for licensure in the State of Texas post-graduation but also equips them to establish, market, and build a private practice or prepare for work in the community mental health field.

Through the practicum experience, the practicum student will develop clinical skills that integrate their education and personal experiences into the counseling process. Opportunities are available to meet with individuals, couples, and families and facilitate groups as the Practicum Student cultivates a niche in establishing a counseling practice.

We understand the demands Practicum Students encounter as they balance the requirements and responsibilities of completing their academic degree while also fulfilling family and employment commitments.  At FFC, we offer flexible hours to  help to ease this burden.

Practicum Students are under the direct supervision of Megan.  Practicum Students and their supervisor meet on a weekly basis per university requirements and students do not incur a cost for supervision.  I require practicum Students to attend weekly individual supervision, collegial meetings, market themselves and Family First Counseling.

FFC Expectations for Students:

~ Interview with Executive Director and/or other FFC staff.
~ We expect ~ Students to represent FFC with integrity. This includes their representation on social media and internet.
~ Looking for quick learners, who show initiative in marketing and other business growth areas.
~ Commitment of at least 6 months.
~ Attend weekly individual and biweekly group supervision.
~ Complete and attend all employee trainings scheduled.

Limited opportunities for Master’s Level Practicum Students are available.

To apply email a cover letter, resume and 5 references (2 professors, 2 supervisors and 1 personal) to Include the population and areas of interest you would like to pursue. You will then be required to attend a group interview and/or staff meeting prior to the final decision being made.

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