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Clinical supervision of Licensed Professional Counselor Interns (LPC Intern) is available for a limited number of applicants. Applicants must provide evidence of having passed their licensing exam prior to beginning supervision. LPC Interns must also provide a copy of a certificate of current liability coverage prior to the commencement of supervision.

Supervision includes 24/7 coverage of an LPC Intern with my full license (i.e., whenever an LPC Intern is working as a counselor). In other words, I carry limited liability for the practice of LPC Interns that I supervise. Therefore, I am strict about following the State of Texas board rules.

Supervision focuses on the supervisee’s development of personal identity as a counselor, including issues of emotional awareness, motivation, competence, and autonomy. Spiritual development and identity are addressed as well. As a part of self-awareness, the supervisee’s patterns of relating and capacity for intimacy are addressed in supervision. A significant amount of time in supervision is dedicated to building competency through guided readings, case reviews, and supervisor-guided self-assessment. Supervision also involves acting responsibly with personal integrity – on the part of the supervisor and supervisee. Since the supervisor’s primary responsibility is the protection of the clients the intern is working with, the ethical behavior of the supervisee with each client will be scrupulously reviewed during supervision.

Requirements for Interns by The State of Texas:

~ Earned Master’s Degree in Counseling, Psychology, Family Therapy or related field. (Make sure you have met the curriculum requirements set by the State of Texas).
~ Successful completion of an approved licensing exam and the Texas Jurisprudence Exam.
~ State of Texas approval for proposed internship location.

FFC Expectations for LPC Intern Supervision:

~ Interview with Megan and/or other FFC staff.
~ Ability and willingness to complete paperwork and agency requirements independently after probation period.
~ Interns are expected to represent FFC with integrity. This includes their representation on social media and internet.
~ Looking for quick learners, who show initiative in marketing and other business growth areas.
~ Commitment of at least 12 months.
~ Attend weekly individual and periodic group supervision.
~ Complete and attend all employee trainings scheduled.
~ An intern who does not want to just settle for an easy supervisor who just signs off on their hours, but is dedicated to being the best counselor that they can be and is willing to be challenged in order to become the best. Someone that understands that not all supervision experiences are created equally and that just because something is free does not necessarily mean that the experience will help you reach your full potential.

We accept ongoing applications for LPC Interns.  LPC Interns who work at Family First Counseling will be able to receive a percentage of the counseling fees received for their services. Supervision rates start at $65.

To apply email a cover letter, resume and 3 references (1 professor, 1 supervisor and 1 personal) to info@ffctexas.com. Include the population and areas of interest you would like to pursue. If selected for the next steps you will be contacted to schedule an interview. 


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