Megan R. Pickens, LPC-S | CEO & Clinical Director

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Megan Pickens
Megan Pickens

LPC Supervisor & CEO of Family First Counseling
Arlington Counseling Center | Freedom Church Counseling Center
Individual - $120 | Couple/Family $140

Megan is the practice Founder and has committed Family First Counseling to providing affordable, convenient counseling services to its clients. Our office has counselors available 7 days a week to provide flexibility to our clients.

Populations Served:
Adolescents (15+) | Couples | Women | Men

Clinical Specialties:
Couple/Marriage Counseling | High Achieving Black women who deal with people pleasing, boundary setting, assertiveness and Imposter Syndrome | Christian Counseling | Adolescent and Quarterlife issues with young women | Men who want to avoid Toxic Masculinity and strive to be better mates, husbands and fathers | Survivors of Narcissistic Abuse.

Professional Memberships:
American Counseling Association, Texas Counseling Association, Minority Behavioral Health Network, Texas Associate of Multicultural Counseling and Development and Texas Association of Counselor Education and Supervision.

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Who is Me(e)gan?

Megan R. Pickens, a native of Kansas City, Kansas, is a serial entrepreneur and a resident of Arlington, TX.  First she created her business Family First Counseling in 2009.  There she works as a Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor focused on life enrichment, empowering women, and healthy relationships.  Second, as an LPC Supervisor she provides supervision to students and interns new to the field.  For more info on supervision check out LPC Intern Supervision.  For information on Practicum Placements check this out.  Third, she prides herself on telling it like it is with her clients. Along with motivating them to better their lives.

Always the “cool mom,” Megan is an empty nest parent of three adult children.  Besides that she’s also active in her church.  Among her volunteer work she helps combat domestic violence. Megan is a Ph.D. student at Texas Wesleyan University in the Marriage & Family Therapy Department.  Her primary research interests concern High Achieving Black women. This includes the intersection of emotional abuse, microaggressions and Narcissistic Abuse.  Most recently, Megan is a published author. Her chapter is Rational Emotional Behavioral Therapy in the 2nd Edition of Marriage and Family Therapy: A Practice-Oriented Approach.  Go to our Facebook page to get information about upcoming events. Megan is part of Call to Action Mental Health, a powerhouse collaboration of Black Women intent on addressing mental health issues in the Black community.

Personally, her interests include documentary and independent film. Also, music and dancing for fitness.  Expanded interests include local politics and positive portrayal of Black people in media. Her favorite thing to do is travel internationally. Proudly, she has been a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. since Spring 1997 and belongs to the Arlington Alumnae Chapter.

Therapy Approach

My approach to counseling comes from a systemic perspective.  This means I believe it is important to consider the individual, family and cultural systems that affect your wellbeing.  As a Strategic Therapist I identify solvable problems, set goals based on client desires, design interventions to achieve those goals and examine the responses and outcome of our therapy sessions.  This also means that I am directive in my approaches and my therapeutic process.  For instance, I often combine my Strategic Therapy interventions and techniques with Structural Therapy when working with couples who may have unwittingly brought dysfunctional family patterns into their relationship. I am flexible in using a variety of techniques and life experiences based on the needs of my clients.  Though traditionally used with families. Other therapeutic techniques I find important through our process include: Bowen Family Systems, Solution Focused and Cognitive-Behavioral Therapies.

Counseling Style

I work to help clients look for existing strengths that are often overlooked when in crisis.  I will help you develop healthy ways of re-framing and handling obstacles.  This approach increases the ability to communicate effectively and to develop the coping skills for personal and relational growth.  Therapy is different for everyone and there is no specific technique that is “one size fits all.”  What this means to you is that our process together may be short and to the point or it may involve an extended journey of exploration.

My goal is to encourage my clients to “keep it real” during sessions.   I believe that as I attempt to bring my authentic self to the counseling process, it will motivate my clients to do the same.  I am a firm believer in your ability to change and improve your situational issues.  During counseling sessions I balance being gentle and being direct when you need it.  There is no judging or criticism of your choices, but I hope to help you to see different perspectives of your situation to ensure you make the best choices for success.  To ensure that I provide a quality level of service I remain up-to-date in my training, clinically sound and non-judgmental in my approach.

Couple/Marriage Counseling

I know relationships of any nature, as everything else in life, take work. When you come to me, I will use my skills to help you understand each other again, to help you fill seemingly unbridgeable gaps, to help you heal wounds that feel like they will never heal. I offer no magic solutions; you will only get out of counseling what you will put in it. I will help guide you and help you learn ways to communicate again and find a common language that you both understand. You must have a willingness to look at yourself honestly, in creating a solution.  I will help you establish a more healthy relationship.  Along with assisting you in trying to fully understand where your spouse is coming from.

Any disharmony in the relationship is painful, yet with true and eager willingness couples have the power to recreate their relationship in a way beneficial to both spouses. People often come into counseling feeling wounded by their partner, feeling as if trust and passion are gone.  The person they once loved and wanted to spend the rest of their lives has become a stranger to them.  I have been through the pain of divorce and I want to help others avoid feeling that same pain.

The Bottom Line

Through hard work and a willingness to be honest in the relationship, I have seen couples rekindle their passion and commitment to the relationship. I enjoy working with couples who want to improve their relationships. If you are looking for a counselor who has an opinion, who is honest and walks with integrity, I am the counselor for you. However, I will not take sides and I will tell you like it is.  In conclusion, I stand only on the side of God, truth and love!

As a Black woman and counselor, it has blessed me with the opportunity to work with a broad variety of people from many cultures, experiences, ethnicities and socio-economic backgrounds.  My life has been rich in experience, enhancing my ability to empathize with others. In my experience I have learned that life and its struggles do not discriminate. Everyone has experienced the doubt, wavering of faith, loss and sometimes sadness that can come from everyday life.

A passion for dispelling the myths and stigma of counseling among minorities drives my process.  I believe that many people of minority backgrounds do not seek counseling because they feel they will not be understood or considered “crazy”. I work with couples from multicultural and multiracial backgrounds by maintaining a diverse staff and keeping in tune with the struggles of people from diverse cultures.”       ~ Megan R. Pickens, MSFT, LPC-Supervisor

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