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7 January 2016
Self Worth
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Other People's Expectations

Are you letting other people’s expectations control you?  Take some time and reflect on your life.  What is the source behind the motivation of your next big purchase?  What inspired your new goal?  Are you making a decision today because it is to satisfy some internal longing or to do what others expect of you?

There is a story told about a fisherman who started a fish market; his store sign read, FRESH FISH SOLD HERE DAILY.  The neighbor thought that the sign was too wordy and said to him, “We know you are going to sell fresh fish.  You aren’t going to sell stale fish, are you?  Why not remove the word FRESH?”

The next day, the sign read, FISH SOLD HERE DAILY.  The fisherman’s friend passed by and said, “Of course you are selling fish, and we know where you are selling them, so take away the words SOLD and HERE.

The next day, the sign read FISH DAILY.  The fisherman’s brother came home from college and said, “The sign is confusing.  Everybody knows you are selling fish every day.  Remove the word DAILY.”

The next day the sign read FISH.  A passerby read the sign and he thought, “Fish?  Fish what?  Fish where?”

When you are living up to other people’s expectations, you will find yourself just like the fisherman, spinning in circles and trying to please everyone.  This road only leads to frustration, disappointment, and exhaustion.  Stop hurting and betraying yourself!

I truly believe that when we constantly try to meet other people’s expectations, we lack identity and feel inferior to others.  We should not be willing to betray our self in order to obtain others’ approval and acceptance.  There is nothing wrong with asking people their opinions, but at the end of the day that is all it is — their opinion!

Everyone is a unique person who God has placed on this earth to accomplish a great purpose. We are not meant to do what others expect of us but what God expects and has purposed for our life.

Take time to get to know yourself and what God’s purpose is for you.  When making that next decision, ask yourself whose voice is it that is motivating you —  mom, dad, spouse, friend, family, boss — or is it the voice of God?

Be confident and know who you are in God because a sure fire way to live a regretful life is to spend your life meeting other people’s expectations.

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