27 July 2015
Self Improvement
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Do you find your lips saying yes, even though your heart and thoughts are no?  Maybe you are afraid to disappoint your friend if you don’t show up?  Maybe you don’t want to look incompetent if you tell your boss you are not able to take on another responsibility, client, or project?  Maybe you don’t want to feel judged or feel guilty if you can’t participate on a ministry at church or volunteer at your child’s school event?  Whatever the reason may be, you find yourself saying YES when deep down you really want to say NO.  Taking on more than you want or can handle can have serious consequences (physical and emotional stress), but it can also get in the way of your priorities.  If you become overwhelmed because you have too much on your plate, you will not do anything well, even the important stuff.  By beginning to say “no,” you will be setting a boundary to protect yourself from burnout, and helping to take care of yourself.

Challenge yourself for the next 30 days to say “no” more often.  You can begin by practicing to say NO out loud so that when the opportunity presents itself, you will feel more natural and comfortable saying it. It’s okay to simply say “no,” but if you aren’t quite ready to only say “no”, these are some examples that you can practice.

  1. That sounds amazing, but I really can’t.
  2. Thank you for thinking of me, I’m flattered. I’m not able to fit that in my schedule right now.
  3. I won’t be able to give the time needed to it.
  4. I’m not taking on anything else at this time.
  5. No thanks. I have another obligation.
  6. No thanks. That’s really not my thing.
  7. I am practicing limiting my commitments.
  8. I’m not in a place where I can take on that type of commitment.
  9. I know I’ve volunteered in the past, but I’ve decided not to volunteer this year.
  10. I had so much fun last year but I’m not able to make it this year.


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One response on “It’s Okay to Say No

  1. I absolutely need to take a class in No-logy 101……very insightful!!!

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