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3 January 2014
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New Year's ResolutionIt is end of the year and many contemplate on what New Year’s resolutions need to be made.  Many create a daunting long list of New Year’s resolutions and start out full-force but ultimately do not achieve their goals.  Many get busy with life and taper off of their goals even as early as February.  New Year’s resolutions are not about creating a bucket list.  When we create such long lists it’s no wonder that we are not able to complete all of those goals and become discouraged.  Here are some tips to help set goals:

1.  Pick one or two goals to focus on.

2.  Make goals specific and realistic to attain.  They need to be measurable.

3.  Make a plan of how to accomplish these goals.

4.  Set aside time to work towards your goals.

Some basic New Year’s resolutions most people think of are losing weight and eating healthy.  Don’t get me wrong, as these are great goals, but we should also consider working on relationships such as marriage and relationships with family and friends.  I plan on reflecting back on 2013 and thinking of the highlights.  Then, I’ll create goals for the coming year.  For instance, my husband and I can pray together three times a week to deepen our spiritual walk together as husband and wife.  Ask yourself questions such as:  How would we like to see our marriage improve? What can we do to draw closer to God as a couple and to each other?  How can we come closer together as a family?

How can you make personal and relational improvements in 2014?


Kavita Hamilton, LPC-Intern


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  1. This is great advice! Especially making goals realistic and measurable. Thanks!

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