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I’ve been listening to things that will encourage me and others in marriage.  Ran across Mission Marriage on DayStar television.  There are several guest ministers along with the Lambs who host it.  I’m listening to the TD Jakes part.  His discussion is about being submitted to the concept of committing to the “we”, not the “I.”  Here are some important points he made:

  1. My generation (TD Jakes) was trained in we’ness, oneness. It wasn’t about one person.
  2. At one point or another one of the married couple will have to submit for the survival of the marriage.
  3. Pay attention to the language you use.  For example, “We will make it through this.”
  4. The root of ALL sin is selfishness.  A committment to myself.  “I don’t want, I don’t need, I should be getting what I want.”  Kinda like how Satan lost his place and rebelled against God. “I will be like the most high God.”
  5. Anything that stays in the self stage and never makes it to the “we” stage won’t last.  That includes marriage, a business, you name it.  They are just an “I” that’s loosely connected to the we.
  6. In fact people will use the “we” to promote the “I” and soon as the “we” gets them high enough to fly, they say “I” gotta go.  That’s why they stayed while you paid the college bills. Because it was always about the “I.”

I just let you know the first points.  Listen here for the rest because I’m going to!


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Megan, a native of Kansas City, Kansas is an empty nest parent of three adult children Ayanna, Jonathan and Isiah. Megan is a Christian and active in ministry at her church Cornerstone Baptist Church, in Arlington, TX. She is currently a Doctoral student working toward a Ph.D. in Marriage & Family Therapy at Texas Wesleyan University. Her personal interests include independent film, music and marriage enrichment. Megan is the co-founder of the Minority Behavioral Health Provider Networking Group along with colleague Cynthia Thompson.

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