9 July 2015
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MeanGirlI was so intrigued when I heard the term coined “Inner Mean Girl”.  There has been a lot of conversation (and rightfully so) about bullies on the “playground”, but as women we can be the biggest bully and the meanest to ourselves.  We are often comparing ourselves to the woman next door, over-critical about our looks/weight, and striving for unrealistic expectations at work and home.  Toxic and negative thoughts result in us judging ourselves and feeling like we do not meet the bar or that we are not good enough.  Our Inner Mean Girl sabotages our efforts for happiness.  If you find you are constantly battling your Inner Mean Girl and it has interrupted your journey to your dreams, contact us!  We can help shut her down.

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  1. Lol….love it….and so very true. We are indeed sometimes our own worst enemies!!!

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