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22 July 2015
Self Esteem
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Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs: Esteem

You are almost at the top of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs when you reach esteem.  Feeling really good about this climb up the pyramid, aren’t you?  Well, let’s check out what you should feel good about in this section!

Within this stage, esteem means achievement, mastery, independence and respect.  There are two different kinds of esteem: cognitive and aesthetic.  Cognitive is the mental mastery of knowledge and meaning.  Aesthetic is the external factors that assist us in finding beauty and/or balance in life.  So, ask yourself these questions when checking in on whether you are working on, at, or have conquered self-esteem.

– What brings me internal happiness?

– What stage of life am I in?  Am I content and at peace?

– How do I view myself?  How do others view me?

– How does my culture define independence and have I achieved it?

– What small thing brings me joy?  What big thing brings me joy?

– How flexible am I with change?

– What do I do for self-care?  What are my hobbies/activities?  How frequently do I participate in these?

– What am I grateful for today?

If you find it difficult in answering a few of these questions, then re-evaluate what is not making your heart content.  If you need assistance, Family First Counseling, is here to help you work your way to obtaining self-esteem.  Call us today!

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