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23 May 2014
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Making Your Spouse Feel SpecialWe all like to feel special and appreciated. You are the main source of appreciation for your spouse or sweetheart. If your spouse spends all day at a thankless job, whether it is at the office or home with your noisy kids all day, you need to be there for them. Use small, special and inexpensive surprises and acts of service to make your spouse feel special and appreciation. Doing something special for your spouse is an easy and free way to show your appreciation. A foot rub, after a long day of work would be greatly appreciated. Use some scented lotion for a bit of aromatherapy as well. Clean the house! Coming home to a messy house can be very stressful. If you are home during the day, keeping the house clean shows your appreciation for the hard work your spouse does. Making your spouse’s favorite meal or dessert on an ordinary day is a terrific way to make him feel special, especially if you don’t make it very often. Or make something new for dinner; the same old things can get boring after a while. Whatever your spouse’s job around the house is, give him a day off. Who would not feel special and enjoy not having to do a chore? If your spouse works hard at a thankless job, thank him for working hard for you and your family. A simple thank you can mean a lot. Send an “I love you” text message, or leave a message on your spouse’s voicemail. If your spouse travels out-of-town on business, write love notes and hide them in the luggage. Put one under the deodorant lid, in reading materials, tucked in a shoe etc. You could even have the kids write notes, or draw pictures so your spouse will know how much he or she will be missed by you and your family. Hiding love notes around the house works just as well. Putting forth the effort to give your partner special attention is a selfless approach to deepening your relationship.

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2 responses on “Making Your Spouse Feel Special

  1. I absolutely agree with you and Tim…awesome read and excellent idea!!!

  2. Tim Cox says:

    All I can say is; I AM ALL FOR IT! If anything is worth doing, keeping you spouse feeling special is definitely one of them.

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