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21 May 2014
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family vacation

As summer approaches, many families will take a family vacation together. Family vacations are a great opportunity to reconnect as a family and create shared meaning together.

Sometimes the best and most memorable vacations are expensive and long. I know my family still talks about going to Disney World together several years ago. But when times were leaner, we discovered the day trip.

Day trips are just a one day road trip to anywhere within easy driving distance. You can pack some or all of your food to further reduce cost. Many cities and towns offer many free or inexpensive activities. Get to know the local history and culture.

Living in Texas, one of our best day trips was to Fort Worth. We were literally exhausted from all the free things we did that day. If you live in Texas, there is actually a PBS TV show called The Daytripper that has tons of fun destinations and things to do.

No matter where you live or what your budget, schedule some family time this summer to make memories together.

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One response on “Making Family Memories

  1. Thanks Melissa…for the excellent ideas for family fun activities, especially since school break is just around the corner.

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